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    I wonder if I’m ready to take the next step say ‘yes’ in ministry, it has been hinted at by some of my leaders, and even prayed over me during camp by someone who I’m sure has absolutely no idea this is going on. And honestly, even if it were to happen three years down the road, I’m not even sure I would agree to it. Yes, I know the calling and gifting is there, and really, that’s all Jesus. Maybe the hesitance is cos I’ve been burned one too many times. Maybe it’s because I don’t want the responsibilities & commitments and just want to be selfish for once, like just let me travel, see the world, do whatever I want in my career even if it means working some weekends. Maybe it’s cos part of me (however deep down) still feels that serving back there was just a waste of time, that it was pointless sacrifice, so just let me serve where I am now, nothing more. 

    I often wonder why so many of us who left, who were once so passionate in serving in ministry would literally shudder at even the thought of serving again, I guess it’s just the “what ifs”. “what if” it’s like what we experienced before, or “what if” we see the imperfection (cos every church, every ministry is imperfect) and find it too similar or get scared away? “what if” we’re asked to submit blindly again? “what if” we get burnt out again and really get scared off ever attending a church again? 

    At the end of the day, I guess it’s trusting Jesus that He’s the author and finisher of my faith, that if it ever comes to that again, He’ll be right there once again to get me out of it, and that faith will not be lost because what He has started, He will be faithful to finish. But…why is it so hard to even consider saying ‘yes’ again? Is it worth the risk? Then again, you don’t get anywhere if you don’t risk it sometimes.

    Or maybe it’s saying ‘yes’ if/when it ever comes to that and seeing Him take what is in ruins (ministry, leadership, perspective of ministry) and making it glorious. 

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  • because short prayers are powerful prayers

    yup, that. was what Pastor Prince preached about last Sunday. And I randomly just told Jesus that I wish we could find a better deal for a hotel in Times Square for our NYC trip (it’s 9 nights and the hotels are so expensive with tiny rooms and I thought SG hotels are pricey), and the very next day, I checked back, only to find that the price for one of the hotels I was looking at (the one with the biggest room and just one block away from Times Square) had dropped by SGD300 for the entire stay, so I immediately messaged my 2 other friends and we booked the room. Then when I checked back today, I realised that the price has increased to USD682 more than what we’re paying. It feels like the deal was placed there specially by Jesus for us. <3s 

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  • Meditate On

    I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.Psalm 139:14You Are God’s Masterpiece

    The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, amarvelous work of God. Do you believe that? Or are you saying, “I wish I were taller. I wish I were slimmer. I wish I had a smaller nose…then I will find success”?

    My friend, don’t base your self-worth and ability to succeed on your looks or people’s negative comments. Don’t compare yourself with others—the models in fashion magazines and others in the public eye that seem to have it all together because of their looks. I’m certainly not advocating shabbiness, but whatever your height, weight or nose size, you are what God says you are—His masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made!

    Begin to see your true self and worth in the mirror of His Word, and praise Him for it daily. It will cause you to treat your body well and give you such an inner beauty and strength that people can’t help but want to treat you favorably!

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  • "As you keep your mind stayed on the grace and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus, negative thoughts cannot remain and lock you in a state of worry and defeat. Keep your mind stayed on Him, and the Prince of Peace Himself will cause you to walk in an inward peace that is independent of your environment and that surpasses all understanding!"
    Joseph Prince
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  • His Faithfulness, not mine.

    When you feel that your faith has run out, just rest in how God is always faithful! Count on His faithfulness, not your faithfulness. Lean hard on the fact that He remains faithful even when you’re wavering in faith (2 Timothy 2:13).

    Beloved, once God gives you a promise from His Word, it’s not for you to struggle and conjure up faith to make His promise come to pass. You cannot make the miracle happen—only God can. You are to rest in Him who has promised, rest in His faithfulness, and you will experience your miracle!

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  • "every time you hear about Jesus, your heart burns because your heart was created for Him, you are designed for the eternal"
    Pastor Prince 
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  • "The Cross of Christ doesn’t just bridge the gap, it CLOSES the gap. Not by bringing God down to my level, but by raising me to His."
    Steven Furtick
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  • JB Trip with the Gals!

    We decided to go on a trip to JB on Saturday for what was supposed to be an eating spree, but we ended up shopping loads instead!

    Anyways, we were praying for no jams and there was really none! Traffic was super smooth which is unusual for a public holiday weekend and that’s just evidence of His favor upon us. Then when we went to the Malaysia Customs, the queues were really long for immigration clearance, but praise God! Barely 5 mins after we started queuing, another counter opened and the queue we were at was cut into half, while the others were still epic long! Amazing!

    Of course favor didn’t stop there, we noticed that every restaurant, shop, bubble tea outlet that we went to would be empty or near empty but by the time we left, it would be crowded and it didn’t happen just once, but to every place we went to.

    Oh, lunch from one of the Hong Kong cafes there, we *might* have over-ordered on the sides :P

    Our loots from the shopping! (yes, we went “quite” crazy) :P

    And then we went to Taman Sentosa for the epic seafood dinner, only cost us about SGD20+ per person.

    Salted Egg Butter Crab

    BBQ Stuff

     Cereal Cray Fish

    It was a very fruitful trip, great food, shopping, fellowship, but most of all, we saw Jesus lavishing His love on us (even the journey back was smooth and quick!) and saw His favor throughout the trip.

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  • what a privilege! I’m the center of God’s world, the One who holds the entire universe in His hands.